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Considering that just five years ago he was written off by pundits as ‘unelectable’ and having no ‘people skills’, the fact that Tony Abbott is now the Prime Minister of Australia is remarkable.


Those who underestimated and misunderstood Mr Abbott have been proven wrong. Far from being the Liberal equivalent of Mark Latham – where a game-changing gaffe was always around the corner – Mr Abbott has shown himself to be disciplined and measured. It’s a stark contrast to the chaos surrounding Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard.

Yet, despite a thumping defeat last Saturday, the Labor Party is still in denial. Kevin Rudd was in denial when he delivered a triumphant appraisal of Labor’s dismal results in what was supposed to be a concession speech.

Bruce Hawker was in denial when he tried to blame Labor Campaign HQ instead of his own strategic failures in what many say was a calamitous campaign. Graham Richardson was in denial when he said the loss wasn’t as bad as he expected – despite the fact that Kevin Rudd delivered one of the lowest primary votes for Labor in a century. Tanya Plibersek was in denial when she said Labor got a 9 out of 10 for governing the country in the face of a litany of policy failures, chaos and budget blowouts. And Chris Bowen was in denial when he said Kevin Rudd should stick around on the back bench because he would have plenty to contribute in the future.

This, in particular, ignores the elephant – no, woolly mammoth – in the room: that it’s been Kevin Rudd’s erratic tenure as PM, followed by his constant undermining and destabilisation, which has helped lead Labor from government to opposition.

It’s high time that the Labor Party accepted the election result rather than clinging to what could have been. It needs to heed the advice of former party elders like Warren Mundine and start reconnecting with real working people rather than trying to control the news cycle.

The early signs are not very positive. There have been signals from various Labor MPs suggesting that they will contest the repealing of the carbon tax. There’s talk of elevating Bill Shorten – the kingmaker who brought down two Prime Ministers – to the leadership. And Kevin Rudd shows no intention to resign from Parliament in order to give the rump he leaves behind the clear air to rebuild for the future.

As for Tony Abbott, true to form he is transitioning into government with minimal fuss and with enormous authority. Some of the recent commentary indicates that the new Senate will be difficult for him to manage. But the “micro” party senators appear to be broadly of the centre or centre-right which should be a welcome change from the Labor-Greens alliance that has prevailed for the last three years.

Where he may run into difficulty is trying to get his paid parental leave scheme, with the likes of the Liberal Democrats and others vowing oppose it. Paradoxically, the Greens have said they support the policy, albeit at a lower cap of $100,000. But it seems unlikely that Mr Abbott will see fit to do deals with the Greens.

Whatever the case, there are certainly interesting times ahead.

Robert Candelori is a law student at the University of NSW and a member of the Liberal Party.

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