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IN PICTURES: Crisis in Congo

Rebel leader general Laurent “Nkunda reaffirms that he believes in a ceasefire being implemented and respected by both sides,” former Nigerian president Olusegun Obasanjo said in Goma, capital of Nord-Kivu province, after meeting Nkunda.


Obasanjo's groundbreaking meeting with Nkunda came as UN officials warned that the plight of an estimated 250,000 people displaced by fighting was becoming desperate.

Fighting continued between government forces and Nkunda's CNDP rebels in a strategic town and a patrol of UN forces nearby found itself trapped in crossfire.

Nkunda appeared to rule out the possibility that the UN mission in Congo (MONUC) might be part of a tripartite committee monitoring a ceasefire.

Two of the members would be representatives of the CNDP and the government, Obasanjo said.

“That third group, I thought it would be MONUC, but he objected to MONUC as an institution, he doesn't object to an individual,” Obasanjo said on his return to Goma after visiting rebel-held territory for a two-hour meeting with Nkunda.

“He accepts the UN special envoy as a mediator between his side and the government side. He wants the government to accept responsibility for a ceasefire by what he called government allies.

said, 'You cannot accept responsibility for the action of your allies. We should go for what I suggested: a tripartite committee on verification on ceasefire violations.' He agreed to that.”

Nkunda's rebels claim government forces are being aided by Hutu rebels and local militiamen.

The meeting took place at Jomba, about 80 km north-east of Goma.

“He agreed to maintaining corridors for addressing the humanitarian crisis but, he said, 'subject to the government removing road-blocks',” Obasanjo reported.

Nkunda said afterwards: “Today is a great day for us because we were losing many men and now we have a message of peace. We should work with this mission.”

Asked about a possible meeting between Nkunda and DR Congo president Joseph Kabila, Obasanjo replied: “Not now. I expect exploratory discussions, formal discussions.”

The meeting took place as fresh fighting flared when rebels and government forces early on Sunday about 60 km to the north, near Kanyabayonga, MONUC said.

In a separate clash a UN patrol found itself caught between firing by both sides.

Obasanjo's talks with Nkunda were significant because no foreign minister or envoy who visited the country in recent weeks has officially met him.

The Nigerian, appointed by UN chief Ban Ki-moon last week, arrived on Friday and has met Kabila and ambassadors from countries in the UN security council.

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