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REPORTER: Olivia Rousset

WOMAN: Well, I`ve been to all of the Disneys, every one of them, I`ve been to Sea World, I`ve been to the Boardwalk, I`ve been to the Medieval Castle and I`ve been practically everywhere here.


But the Holy Land is new and I wish it would have been open many years ago.

WOMAN NO 2: I had such, such a hunger to go where Jesus has walked, you know, just to walk the grounds where our Lord stepped.

WOMAN IN COSTUME: Shalom. It`s custom after a long journey that we wash your feet.

BOY: It`s not meant for kids and I think they should do a little upgrade, put a little water, do a little river ride or something, you know – be much better.

WOMAN NO 3: Madeleine, do you think you could push the rock?

SINGER IN COSTUME: Hallelujah, for He is risen. He is not dead. Please come and see for yourselves.

MARK PINSKY, JOURNALIST: The Holy Land is what happens when the Bible belt collides with the sun belt, which is to say, the traditional feeling of fundamentalist faith and evangelism, in the south, historically and the theme park mentality of central Florida.

REV MARTIN ROSENTHAL, THEME PARK OWNER: When we first opened, there were our detractors who suggested that this would trivialise religion or the Bible or God. Anybody that comes here will know we do not have any theme rides, we do not have a John the Baptist slide that dumps into a body in water. There is nothing that is honky tonky or done inappropriately. Well, you know, you sometimes want to know about some surprises. I`ll show you. We have – I don`t know if your camera will pick this up – but we have biblical ties. This one has all the names of the books of the Bible.

MARK PINSKY: Zion`s hope is the ministry which built and founded Holy Land. Its stated goal is to convert the Jews of the world to Christianity. Any prophets that come from Holy Land will go to Zion`s hope. Many Jews I`ve spoken to won`t come because, although they may be curious about what`s here, they don`t want any of their money to go ultimately to the conversion of Jews either here or in Israel.

REV MARTIN ROSENTHAL: I was barmitzvahed at age 13 which in Judaism means to become a son of the Law – to be morally and spiritually accountable to God for myself. But as a young man, I came to believe that Jesus Christ was the son of God, that he died for the sin of the world and that the most Jewish thing that I could do was to accept Christ, that that was to be consistent with Moses and the prophets of Israel.

MARK PINSKY: Jews were concerned about the appropriation of Jewish symbols for this park, the possibility that the park might be used in some subterfuge manner to get Jews to convert to Christianity.

REV MARTIN ROSENTHAL: We think that we have every right under the laws of our country to do what Christians have been doing for 2,000 years – that is to share our faith, to do it in a gracious manner.

MARK PINSKY: As a Jew, I found it in some ways to be so over-the-top that it was not really something that upset me or concerned me. If there were people being buttoned-holed or spotlighted as they came in as Jews, that would bother me. But that hasn`t happened. And the other stuff is just more of the sort of zen of central Florida.

WOMAN NO 2: I just had such a hunger to go to Jerusalem, but because of all the fighting and stuff, there was no way that, you know, just putting our lives in jeopardy, I don`t feel the Lord would want us to do something like that.

WOMAN: In the Oasis Palm cafe, we have a Goliath burger, a Goliath junior, a hot dog pita wrap which is Hebrew national hot dog. We have the grilled chicken, Persian pita stuffer – we have the famous fried Jaffa falafel.

MAN: For those that are agnostic and for those who are in doubt of Christ, I challenge them to come here and when you leave the park, you will definitely get an eye opener.

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