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An Italian AIDS-awareness advertisement is speaking the unspeakable by using the word 'condom' for the first time.


Since the spread of HIV/AIDS began in the 1980s, Italy's government has run health campaigns about the disease, some of which have featured pictures of condoms.

But in a bizarre taboo, no advert broadcast in the Catholic country has ever uttered the 'C' word.

That is about to change, thanks to a new advert filmed at a pharmacy in Rome's Fiumicino airport on Thursday.

Catholic opposition

Director Francesca Archibugi said the move was “a triumph against taboo”.

The Catholic Church equates promotion of condoms to fostering immoral and hedonistic lifestyles.

Although the sale of condoms is far more widespread in Italy than many other parts of Europe – they can, for example be bought from street vending machines – slogans until now have been restricted to phrases such as: “Protect your love!”.

Archibugi's campaign is unlikely to impress the Vatican, which teaches that fidelity within heterosexual marriage, chastity and abstinence are the best ways to combat AIDS.

'Moralistic facade'

The director, famed in Italy for films such films as Shooting the Moon, said it was important to get the message across in Italy where 4,000 people every year are infected with HIV/AIDS.

“The true dangers are never talked about – there's a moralistic facade which, when uncovered, reveals great ignorance,” he said.

Italy's prudish treatment of the word 'condom' contrasts with the risque nature of the country's advertising and media, where gameshows and adverts routinely make sexual references, and feature scantily-clad women, often for purely decorative effective.

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