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Indigenous health is to be the subject of a review by the incoming Abbott government as part of it efforts to assess the effectiveness of services being delivered to Indigenous Australians.



And Prime Minister-elect Tony Abbott says his planned Indigenous Advisory Council could begin its work as early as next year.


Effectively providing services to Indigenous Australians has confounded governments for decades.


As Indigenous figure and former ALP President Warren Mundine puts it, it’s about getting bang for the buck.


Successive Australian governments have allocated billions of dollars to try to overcome Indigenous disadvantage and while there have been some improvements in efforts to close the gap, the overall results have been slight.


Warren Mundine has been tipped to head the new Indigenous Advisory Council and says improving lives is the aim.


“At the end of the day it is bang for the buck and the outcome for Indigenous people on the ground and it’s about those socio-economic outcomes.”


The President of the Australian Medical Association, Steve Hambleton, says he expects the Coalition will be keen to improve health service delivery.


“I do feel that the coalition will have open doors when it comes to talking to people delivering care at the front line and I guess that’s the community controlled health services. We know that Tony Abbott and Noel Pearson have had good links over the years but I think that will broaden to the community controlled sector to make sure we can actually deliver health care appropriately for all Australians and that means that we’ve got to make sure that our Indigenous Australians get the same level of care and outcomes as the rest of Australia.”


Mr Hambleton says supporting the community controlled health sector is one of several key priorities.


“We do need to make sure that the community controlled sector is supported to make sure there’s culturally appropriate care can be offered and delivered. We also need to make sure that sufficient young men and women from Indigenous backgrounds come into the health sector. We actually are seeing young doctors from Indigenous backgrounds now making up the appropriate percentage in our medical schools. We are wanting to be able to work with the government so we can deliver a continued process towards closing the gap. The previous government did offer to make that investment with the states in that COAG partnership to close the gap. We’d like to see the federal government to continue to work hard in this area to make sure all the states come on board and we can indeed close that gap in the next decade.”


Justin Mohamed chairs the board of the National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation.


“We’re obviously wanting to influence whatever mechanism the Coalition chooses to advise the prime minister and the policies of the day and if it is this advisory committee – NAACHO, the peak organisation for over 150 Aboriginal community controlled health services – we’ll work with that committee. We’ve already had dialogue with Warren about how we can give that committee advice and also possibly some direction and information about what’s the best way to combat the health status of Aboriginal people in Australia and just over 40 years experience we hope that they’ll use us.”

Mr Mohamed says he hopes whatever changes are made by the new government will see an improvement in the quality of front-line services.


“The new government has obviously come with a number of things they’ve put up front and they of course want to do, have a look and review how the money is being rolled out to frontline services and the bureaucracy which operates that and administers that so we expect they’ll be some changes within the bureaucracy and the public service sort of area. We’re hoping that those changes won’t affect on-the-ground service delivery and resources and that we can actually see actually more resources flow out to frontline services – that’s where our core business is.”



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