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The Thai cabinet has chosen brother in law of Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra as the country's acting PM, following the judicial dismissal of Samak Sundaravej.


Somchai Wongsawat will be in charge until an emergency meeting of the Parliament elects a permanent leader on Friday.

Earlier this week the Constitional Court stripped Samak of his post as PM, saying he'd illegally accepted payments for hosting two food programmed.

The verdict added fuel to the political fire in Thailand, which has seen protesters barricading the main government complex for more than two weeks.

A state of emergency was imposed across the capital Bangkok.

Judges did not ban Samak from politics, and his People Power Party (PPP) said immediately after the ruling that they would re-elect him as prime minister.

But after a key coalition partner voiced concern over restoring Samak to power, the party backed down and said that it would consult its allies on possible candidates before a parliamentary vote set for Friday.

“For prime minister, we will consult again among PPP members in the next few days,” deputy PPP leader Somchai Wongsawat told reporters after meeting with the Chart Thai party, the second-largest member of the coalition.

Calls for unity

Opposition Democrat leader Abhisit Vejjajiva proposed creating a national unity government, with himself at the helm, but the idea appeared to gain little traction.

Somchai, the most senior deputy in Samak's cabinet, is acting as a caretaker prime minister until the new premier is named.

His new role is certain to stoke Thailand's political flames: Somchai is the brother-in-law of former premier Thaksin Shinawatra, who was ousted in a coup two years ago.

The protesters besieging the Government House compound first took to the streets against Thaksin nearly three years ago, accusing him of using his political office to enrich his multi-billion-dollar telecom empire.

Thaksin in exile

The military cited the corruption claims to justify their coup in 2006. Thaksin now lives in exile in Britain to dodge the legal charges, which he says are politically motivated.

A military-backed constitution approved last year included strict limits on outside employment by government officials.

Judges have now used that charter to force Samak from office over the cooking programmes that reportedly earned him no more than a few hundred dollars per show, which he said he used mainly to buy ingredients.

Court makes history

In a nation accustomed to military coups, Samak is the first Thai premier stripped of his office by a court order — the most dramatic move yet by an increasingly muscular judiciary.

Thai courts once tended to side with whatever government was in office.

But two years ago, at the height of protests against Thaksin, the revered King Bhumibol Adulyadej urged the nation's judges to take a more decisive role in political cases.

Since then, the courts have become important players in Thai politics — judges dissolved Thaksin's party, banned him from politics, and have already forced out three of Samak's ministers.

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